Varzay augments or fully replaces your onshore technology team with full-time managed offshore talent.

Add a single development resource overseas, or replace your entire team for significant savings.

Our Services

Leverage decades of experience in technology management and a vast network of software engineers spanning the globe to make your technology to-do list to-done.

By offering a full suite of development services we produce cutting-edge solutions combined with robust quality assurance and experienced project management.

24/7 Emergency Response

Full 'round the clock coverage for the mission critical services that run your production systems with guaranteed software architect response times.

Cybersecurity Compliance & Risk Management

Take advantage of our advanced network and application penetration testing services. Work with our security experts to identify and mitigate risks.

Managed Software Development

Leverage cost effective offshore software engineers managed by industry leading software architects to attain your technology goals.

UI/UX Architecture

Leverage our team to incrementally plan out and build a cutting edge experience for your the users of your web systems.

Software Testing & Quality Assurance

Build out comprehensive automated testing suites for your systems, and leverage our experienced team of QA Engineers for updates and maintenance.

Rapid Product Prototyping

Our Industry leading Product team will get you from idea to MVP (Minimum Viable Product) in record time.

Industries We Work With

We offer a complete suite of cost-effective and flexible solutions to meet your requirements and help in ensuring the future success of your initiatives


We provide unique software solutions aligned with HIPAA compliance for vendors, development companies, and end-users. We work with a variety of healthcare organizations including hospitals, long-term care, dental, and pharma. We leverage our experience in building healthtech products to deliver fast results and improve project ROI.

Software & Hi-Tech

Varzay helps global companies to support the level of robust software technologies and navigating innovations. More than 20 years of expertise in Hi-Tech R&D, software engineering, and integration coupled with an experienced developers’ team, give us a cutting edge experience in creating solutions of any level of complexity

eCommerce & Logistics

If you are involved in eCommerce and Logistics, the right choice of software technology is a crucial part of your supply chain management as well as reporting, integration, and payment systems. Varzay serves as your partner, bringing you an ability to effectively develop, support and maintain software products and services